About Us

Who we are

We are LivestreamFC.com, created by Floris from the Netherlands. Ever since I could walk, I have been involved in sports, with a great love for football. In addition to playing football myself, watching football is also something that has occupied me since my youth. This used to be via the radio, but nowadays there are countless streams to watch all matches worldwide.


Why did we start Livestreamfc.com?

In some countries these matches are hung behind a paywall, so you cannot watch them without a subscription. In fact, in some countries it is not even possible to watch matches due to border restrictions. We want to break these border restrictions and offer everyone the opportunity to watch the matches of their favorite club. Whether this is football live streams, Formula 1 live streams or boxing or tennis matches: everyone wants to watch their own team.

How do we work?

We search for the best streams worldwide for the most popular clubs and competitions. We ensure that we always offer legal streams, because we are not in favor of illegal streams. Every day we search for the best HD quality streams for all clubs in all parts of the world, so you can watch it wherever you are.